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Healthier population means a healthier economy

Affordable housing has a meaning that is largely misunderstood by the public. Myths and misconceptions about affordable housing developments are based on fear around negative stereotypes, property values, and the change it brings to neighbourhoods.

Establishing affordable housing gives the opportunity to lower-income families, which may work in your community, to earn equity in a home. At the same time enriching their lifestyle by providing a stable, clean house. The most obvious economic benefit of affordable housing is the increase in discretionary spending amongst residents. With the extra buying power, they’re able to spend more on local purchases. And go beyond to buy healthy food and spend more at their nearby businesses.

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Home models

Our exclusive partnerships with ShelterHomes and Conquest gives us the opportunity to provide a wide range of layouts and designs to our residents. Each home can be fully customized from the faucets to the flooring.

Our team works with each individual client to get their home designed and placed on the lot. Furthermore, installing all utilities, a garage, concrete driveway, front porch and landscaping. A true, move-in ready home.


Landscape design

Not only do we provide housing in our developments, we accompany the lots with professional landscapes. This gives our communities a pleasant curb appeal to adjacent towns and municipalities. This approach gives a sense of unity amongst the development, thus property values are maintained throughout the entire community.

Along with curb appeal, our architects design structures and pathways for our residents to enjoy. This may include a recreation centre, green spaces, patios, walkways, and more.

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Our communities

Neepawa Manitoba
Crescent Creek
Neepawa Manitoba

More details coming soon! This beautiful development in the valley is near the economic rich town of Neepawa. There are many employment opportunities and activities for our residents nearby.

Teulon Manitoba
Crescent Creek
Teulon Manitoba

A quiet country living in the interlake region of Manitoba. Teulon has many local businesses and is only a 30 minute drive to Gimli and many beautiful beaches. Fully developped land and in current plans for expansion.