Affordability is good
for everyone

Studies and surveys has proven that everyone in the affordable housing equation benefits from its creation and preservation. This includes those looking for homes they can afford, the local businesses, the local government and the development teams that provide the housing. Below we will demonstrate in what areas an affordable housing community can benefit your municipality or town.


Increased spending power

Residents living in affordable housing tend to have increased spending power. They are able to spend more on nutritious food and other essential items. In addition, families are more apt to enroll their children in communal activities such as sports, music and others.

Increase in jobs and hiring

Affordable housing has the potential to attract a workforce for local businesses. Consequently providing opportunities such as building equity and enriching lifestyles for these lower-income residents. Local businesses are necessary to provide this workforce with needed resources, from food to fuel, restaurants to recreation and so much more, spurring even more hiring.

Revenue For Local Governments

With more residents able to pay property taxes, a local government is able to provide more for its citizens. A study from the National Association of Home Builders shows that 100 affordable rental homes generates $11.7 million in local income, $2.2 million in taxes and other revenue for local governments.


To begin the process, our team will zone and subdivide the proposed land. Balanced for our recommended house sizes, public places, roadways and utilities.


Thereafter, we work with certified architects to achieve a proper layout and landscape design. To emphasize our developments are filled with greenery and many outdoor spaces for our residents to enjoy.


Continuing through to the next step, we will develop the land with our trusted contractors. Nonetheless, completed in a proposed timeline.


Moreover, we work with potential residents to design their home, place it on the lot and performing the finishing touches. Everything until the final sale of the property.


Geographic areas

We cater to towns and municipalities in rural Manitoba.

  • Southeastern Manitoba
  • Eastern Manitoba
  • Steinbach area
  • Beausejour area
  • Central Manitoba
  • Portage la Prairie area
  • Whitehorse plains
  • North Interlake
  • Selkirk area
  • South Interlake
  • Dauphin
  • Roblin, Russel, Rossburn area
  • Swan Valley
  • Pembina Valley
  • Pilot Mound area
  • Brandon area
  • Southwest manitoba
  • Virden area
  • Western Manitoba
Market preference

Favoured in areas with a demand for labour such as a nearby factory, farms, and businesses.  Analoguous to areas with an ageing population

  • Strong employment base
  • Close proximity to diverse amenities
Development site

Certain key elements of the development site to correspond to our business model.

  • 50-100 acres
  • Site zoning approved

Landscape design

PXL 20210519 170830375 scaled | Crescent Creek Estates

We compose our communities for lifestyle and well-being. Above putting homes on lots, we construct a framework of landscaped luxuries. Giving our residents access to walking paths, benches, a canopy of trees, gardens, and patios. And possibly a recreation centre to have a place to gather amongst neighbours and visiting family and friends.

Additionally, each house’s landscaping will be approached by our team and maintained by our exclusive contractor. Thus giving a labour-free property for residents and a cohesively designed community.

We will consider potential sites outside of our general criteria if the opportunity is compelling.



Home Sales

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