Teulon, Manitoba

Initial development acquired by Crescent Creek in 2017 with 47 units in place. Since then we’ve made improvements in the landscaping to add greenery and public spaces. Now we are in phase 2 of developing an additional 23 units to the acreage including other features to the surroundings. The development will be ready in the fall of 2021. Phase 2 is dedicated to the 50+ community. Phase 3 will see an expansion of 46 more properties with a date to be determined.

The expansion is to accommodate the demand of these homes and lifestyles.

Concept Plan

About Teulon

The Town of Teulon is located approximately 28 minutes north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, on PTH 7. Teulon is commonly referred to as “The Gateway to the Interlake” due to its location just south of Manitoba’s two largest lakes, Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg. Teulon is surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Rockwood.

Teulon has an exceptional quality of lifestyle for people of all ages. The town has all the modern services and amenities of a larger community, such as hospital, ambulance/fire protection services and schools all in a quiet country setting.

We are gratified to acclaim about the Teulon Cross Country Ski Club and the beauty of the creek valley. The surroundings of these trails are stunning. Residents and first-time visitors are impressed with the training and services offered. And some cases, this has been instrumental in the decision factor for new residents to call this area home.

Medical clinic
Places of worship
Day care
Grocery stores
Local businesses
Curling Club
Farmer’s Market

Teulon Golf & Country Club

Highly acclaimed golf course and amongst the best in Manitoba.

Sought out by many who frequent the course. Teulon Golf & Country Club has 18 beautifully designed and maintained fairways and greens. Great for a casual golfer that is looking for a fun but challenging game.

It is a main attraction for the town of Teulon and definetly one for our residents.

Teulon-Rockwood Green Acres Park

A multi-recreation park neighbouring Crescent Creek Estates

The Park is approximately 80 acres in size and is located at the south end of Teulon. The Park houses a dozen baseball diamonds, rodeo grounds, barbeque area, Museum, Art Centre, Curling Rink, Arena, Soccer Pitches, Lions playground, campground and a toboggan hill. A small stream meanders through the trees and a 2.5 km walking trail follows the stream. A new addition to the Park is the Green Acres Adult Fitness site which is located near the playground and the picnic shelter.

Development features

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Recreation centre

This site features a 2,800 sq.ft recreation centre for the residents to gather and enjoy hosting events. Along with phase 1 development, improvements will be made to increase the size of the deck. We will also add a beautiful stamped concrete patio just below the deck with a stone fire pit. All surrounded by a perennial garden to provide a pop of color and beauty.

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Island patio

Phase 1 will also include the implementation of an island patio. For residents to enjoy an outdoor space with seating and a garden.

The patio will be stamped concrete with stone veneer on the outside. The shade structure is comprised of 4 timber logs 14′ above ground. 2 shade sails will be placed to give shelter and a pleasing aesthetic.

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Planting plan

The variety of shrubs that will be planted around the patio will attract birds and hummingbirds to the island. Each species has specific flowering colours, and fall colouring to create diversity in the shrub beds. As a result to keep the island colourful throughout spring to fall.

Additionally, diverse tree species will be planted to add a beautiful canopy. Such as, white spruce, Shooting star Northern Pin Oak, Atomic Amur Maple, Unity Sugar Maple, Aspen and many more.

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Walking circuit

Our development site in Teulon has many walking paths. Located north of the site lies a forested path. There will be construction of a path around the pond near the recreation centre. This path has changing views and experiences for the walker. It will have 4 locations with benches and will be a total of 1 kilometer (round-trip) in length.

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Our lots are fitted with 22′ wide homes and varied lengths. Each home has a front porch or a gable end, thus giving front street appeal. Identically, landscaping of each yard by our exclusive contractor. Also, each property displays a concrete driveway and a garage.

Crescent Creek Estates, Teulon

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