Crescent Creek expanding to give Teulon housing options

Reprinted with permission from The Stonewall Teulon Tribune, Thursday, May 13, 2021
Author: Jennifer McFee

Teulon’s Crescent Creek Estates is expanding with nearly two dozen lots in development and more to come.

In the 1990s, a Winnipeg-based property development company launched the development, which was called Meadowlark at the time. To start, they developed a few lots and built a recreation centre in the middle of the property, along with a pond and walking trails.

“The project is superbly located on the south edge of the beautiful Green Acres Park maintained by the Town of Teulon and offers a quiet, serene setting on the south side of the town borders,” explained Rem Weiss, a former Teulon resident.

“Meadowlark struggled to gain much traction for a number of years and the Winnipeg property developer basically decided it was not worth his time or money to develop any further lots and turned it over to the Town of Teulon for a nominal fee in around 1999 or 2000.

”The town made sure this project went forward since it offered an inexpensive housing option for retired or semi-retired people, Weiss added.“It was classified as a 50-plus development and half the land still is,” he said.

“The town then developed as many lots as had sewer, water, hydro already in place over the years. But then I believe they decided to sell the park after calculating out what further development would cost in order to add sewer, water and hydro to more lots.”

In 2017, the Town of Teulon sold the park, which they rebranded as Crescent Creek Estates, to two people who run a private wealth management business in Winnipeg.

“One is a local resident Darrell Gebhardt and the other is a Winnipeg resident, Cedric Paquin. Darrell is a passionate promoter of Teulon and has taken a personal keen interest in making sure this park realizes its fullest potential,” said Weiss, who is the current property manager of Teulon Crescent Creek Estates.

“When the town sold the park, they added a num-ber of clauses to the sale agreement, which keeps a portion of the park as 50-plus as it is now. After a number of unforeseen delays, an additional 23 lots will be developed this spring and hoping to have lots ready by the fall.”

One of the biggest hurdles has been further water purification requirements for the private well service inside the park, Weiss said. “All residents inside the park are on a private well system, which requires daily water testing by maintenance personnel. To add more lots to this system meant upgrading and changing the water treatment purification system,” he explained.

“This meant hiring of specialized engineers to de-sign a new system that meets today’s drinking water codes and an addition onto the existing recreation centre to house the new equipment.

”Pending permits, the work is ready to begin soon. “As soon as we have all the building permits in place, we will start construction on the addition this summer, hoping to hook up the new lots to the new water treatment system by fall. This also means all the existing residents will now be hooked up to the new water treatment system as well,” Weiss said.

“The complete west end of the park is geared strictly for 50-plus residents, including the 23 lots that will be ready by fall 2021. An additional 54 lots are in the concept stage on the east end of the park and, at this point, are open to any age category.”

Weiss is confident the expansion will prove to be popular due to the affordability, the great small-town lifestyle and amazing community amenities.

“We have an exclusive contract with Shelter Homes to supply only new homes and will have some minimum standards that we will adhere to to make sure the park continues to look vibrant and attractive,” he said.

“The concept is to have all homes in the park with some ‘front street appeal’ like a front porch with a deck, plus all will have a garage and side deck as well. We are offering a custom-designed upscale home no less than 20 feet wide by 60 feet long in which we will go through all options in finishing the home and will custom-build a garage, deck and finish landscaping all with local contractors.”

Weiss noted that they could provide a turnkey no-hassle home custom-built for around $200,000 to $250,000.

“We have a show home on site that we would be more than happy to show anyone who is interest-ed,” he said.

“We also are in the process of developing a web-site, which should be available by summer at

”Anyone who would like more information about Teulon Crescent Creek Estates can email Weiss at [email protected].